Brief introduction of Design Institute

      Jiangsu lanbisheng chemical environmental protection Co., Ltd. Environmental Protection Engineering Design Institute (hereinafter referred to as the Design Institute) is a professional unit engaged in chemical environmental pollution prevention and control engineering design and chemical environmental protection technology development consulting. It has class a qualification for environmental pollution treatment in Jiangsu Province and class B qualification for environmental pollution treatment engineering design, and has passed iso9001:2015 and iso14001:2015 system certification.

      The design institute has solid technical force, reasonable personnel structure, complete professional configuration, sound quality, technology, document control system and computer technology application to ensure the design quality. It has a group of backbone teams with rich experience in chemical environmental pollution prevention and control and academic level, and technical management ability integrating technical consultation, engineering design, equipment procurement and construction management. To provide customers with the whole life cycle of chemical environmental pollution prevention engineering solutions.

      The design institute has many successful experiences in completing high-quality and interdisciplinary complex engineering consulting design, and can provide clients with consulting services such as chemical environmental pollution prevention project proposal, feasibility study report, etc. It consists of three business departments, i.e. civil engineering structure Institute, process equipment Institute and Electrical Instrument Institute. All the technicians have bachelor's degree or above, and the engineers with certificates account for 40%. It can provide customers with design services such as project approval, preliminary design, construction drawing design and as built drawing design of chemical environmental pollution prevention engineering projects.

      The resource research institute is mainly responsible for the application research and development of the recycling of chemical wastes, mainly including the chemical and environmental protection technologies for the recycling of front-end materials, and the process integration technologies for the recycling of water and salt for the end treatment. At the same time, it is also responsible for the docking and introduction of domestic and foreign advanced environmental treatment unit technology, and the application expansion research of unit technology, which is the application and transformation platform of the company's domestic and foreign advanced technology. At present, several research and development directions are mainly membrane separation, extraction, resin adsorption, etc. through the recycling and reuse of valuable materials (such as acid-base recovery, organic solvent DMF recovery, nitrogen-containing heterocyclic refractory organics), water efficiency is effectively improved, production cost is reduced for customers, comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises is enhanced, and upgrading of chemical industry is promoted.

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