College overview

      From strict system to strict legal system, the national policy guidance continues to increase the strength of environmental protection management and control. Under strict accountability and strong supervision, the environmental protection pressure of chemical enterprises is increasingly heavy, and environmental protection management has become the life guarantee for the survival of chemical enterprises.

      "Business ecology, escort chemical industry", to protect the sustainable development of chemical enterprises, lambeisheng environmental protection training institute came into being.

      Focusing on the treatment of chemical pollution for nearly 20 years, it has more than 2000 background capital of chemical wastewater research base in China. It is composed of experienced environmental protection research talents, engineering commissioning and operation management experts, and well-known university professors and environmental protection think tanks. All courses are specialized contents after practical test and refining.

      Break the traditional teaching mode of environmental protection skills that colleges and universities build theoretical framework and enterprises cultivate practical ability by themselves, use the "learning and using teaching system combining expert teaching with practical training" to help chemical enterprises build the "three wastes" management and technical talents echelon, solve the environmental protection worries of chemical enterprises, build the ecological chain of chemical environmental protection education, and empower the internal employees of the company. We should build up advanced channels for employees, build a tough team, and become the cradle of enterprise elite talents.

      value system

      What problems does the environmental protection training institute solve for enterprises?
      What problems does the environmental protection training institute solve for enterprises?


      The conflict between enterprise development and environmental protection


      The problem of excessive investment in environmental protection of enterprises


      On the construction and management of professional environmental protection team


      Shortage of environmental protection teachers


      Problems in improving practical skills


      On the gap between learning content and actual needs


      On the improvement of training management system


      The problem of insufficient budget for personnel training

      Unique advantages

      Focus on Problems and analyze the actual development of enterprises;
      Return to practice, improve the learning efficiency of enterprises;
      Training implementation, integration of teaching and practice, to form a real sense of "teaching and learning, knowledge and practice in one".

      category Traditional environmental protection training course Lanbisheng Environmental Protection Training Institute
      teachers Address of industry theoretical experts Industry practical expert
      Location Operation in the form of supporting superior department It is a professional operation to meet the specific needs of enterprises and solve practical difficulties for enterprises.
      It belongs to the level of policy guidance Strategic + practical level
      value Passive acceptance of policy pressure Develop training strategies according to the needs of enterprises
      Not fully connected with the urgent needs of enterprises Closely connected with all environmental protection requirements of the enterprise
      Shallow problem solving ability Focus on solving problems related to enterprise strategy, skills and management
      Training orientation Mainly analyze and interpret policies Strengthen the high-level improvement of Environmental Protection Talents' skills, the overall management of environmental protection operation team, and build a super environmental protection practical team
      Fixed curriculum form Combination of customized courses and practical operation
      Curriculum setting

      External escort

      1、Environmental protection technology multiplication class

      Focus on the core technology, control the technical difficulties, inspire in-depth technical exchanges, effectively solve the technical shortcomings of the enterprise's environmental protection technical talents, such as the lack of technical practice experience, and comprehensively help the upgrading of the skills of environmental protection technical talents.

      Biochemical technology multiplication class, physical and chemical technology multiplication class, resource technology multiplication class, comprehensive application technology multiplication class...

      2、Advanced class of Environmental Protection Talents

      Enhance the overall planning ability of environmental management talents; upgrade the methodology of environmental management of enterprises. Based on the process flow, the practical operation of the road field, direct to the field management application; guided by ensuring the stable operation of environmental protection engineering or equipment, targeted teaching is required.

      Comprehensive management advanced class, operation management advanced class, project site management advanced class, laboratory site management advanced class...

      3、Environmental CEO workshop

      Thoroughly analyze the core needs of senior leaders of chemical enterprises and environmental protection industry, understand the guidance of national environmental protection macro-control policy step by step, help senior leaders clear environmental management and risk positioning, review the present, take the future and grasp the opportunity.

      Environmental Strategy Workshop, environmental risk workshop, environmental revenue increase workshop, environmental cost Workshop...

      Internal empowerment

      1、Blue training class

      From the perspective of strategy, ideology, pattern, capital, risk and other superstructure of enterprise management, open up the channel for the senior managers of lanbisheng, put on wings, and rush to the blue sky.

      Thought and pattern class, strategy and capital class, industry and hotspot class...

      2、Compulsory training class

      New entry, new transfer and new appointment, the required course of "new new new human" of lanbisheng is the necessity of skills, the necessity of post, the foundation, the cornerstone and the horse riding platform before galloping.

      Basic skills class, required post class, advanced management class...

      3、Sheng Xun ban

      Promote, improve, improve and practice. With the goal of empowering the employees, the purpose of improving the quality of the whole staff, and the mission of training the elite team, every pursuit will be echoed.

      Efficient executive class, business promotion class, time management class...

      Vision mission
      Based on the technical precipitation of lanbisheng in the environmental protection industry, taking the bottleneck of environmental protection and common key technical problems of chemical enterprises as the training guide, and taking the incubation of self environmental protection talents of chemical enterprises as the foundation, solving the practical technical operation problems for chemical enterprises, and striving to realize the sustainable development of chemical enterprises.

      Vision: To become an influential platform for environmental protection training and education

      Mission: To fulfill the responsibility of cultivating environmental protection talents and protect the ecological sustainability of chemical enterprises

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