Recruitment positionWorking placeSalary rangeNumber of recruitsRelease time
      Equipment maintenance supervis... Ma'anshan 4k-5k Unlimited 2019-10-25

      1. Assist the leader in charge to manage the project company, formulate the project operation plan, organize and coordinate the company's resources, and ensure the achievement of the company's overall business objectives.

      2. Be responsible for the technical inspection and guidance of the project, and coordinate with relevant departments of the company to ensure that the water quality is up to the standard.

      3. According to the company's requirements and specifications, develop and implement the project safety management system, guide and inspect the implementation of project safety production, and ensure zero accidents in safety production.

      4. Assist in the implementation of the project to formulate the water fee recovery strategy and scheme, check, supervise and implement the water fee recovery work.

      5. Decompose and implement the company's indicators, and formulate the annual production and operation indicators of each implementation project.

      6. Investigate and analyze the annual operation and management problems and difficulties of each implementation project, propose targeted solutions, and supervise the implementation.

      Job requirements

      1. Major in water affairs, environment, economy, engineering management, etc., college degree or above.

      2. Have solid professional knowledge and skills in the field of water affairs, more than 5 years of practical work experience in water plant or sewage plant (including at least 2 years of work experience in middle-level and above management positions).

      3. Have comprehensive and successful management experience, leadership ability, resource integration ability, good interpersonal skills and strong communication ability.

      4. Proficient in PDCA, 5W1H, smart, SWOT and other tools, with strong planning, control and coordination ability, strong comprehensive analysis ability and global control ability.

      5. Integrity, rigorous and steady style, affinity, strong professionalism and pioneering consciousness; optimistic, cheerful and positive personality, with a larger platform and space for promotion;

      6. Those with relevant certificates (such as registered consulting engineer, cost engineer, project manager, senior title) or working experience in large-scale water environmental protection enterprises are preferred.
      *Application email
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      Thank you for coming to Jiangsu lanbisheng chemical environmental protection Co., Ltd. if you have the intention to join us, please contact our human resources department with the following methods, and we will reply to you as soon as possible. Thank you.
      • Contacts:Ms. Feng
      • Tel:0510-68530832
      • Phone:15961588529
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