Empowerment promotion and professional orientation training -- shengxun class officially starts

      Release date:2019-10-25

              In order to train comprehensive and all-round talents and strengthen the normalized learning of technology and management, recently, the company's series of training plans, following the opening of the "blue training class" for senior management training, officially opened the "Sheng training class" with the positioning of enabling management and core technical talents. Relevant senior executives and technical backbones of the company witnessed the opening ceremony together.

              At the opening ceremony, Liu Yufu, general manager, officially awarded the "shengxun training class" and took an important step in building the talent training system and echelon of lanbisheng.

              Xu Linlan, deputy general manager, issued the letter of appointment for the first batch of internal lecturers of the company, and the internal lecturer system was initially established.

              Finally, chairman Jiang Weiqun delivered an important speech in combination with 18 years of accumulated changes of the company. President Jiang fully affirmed the talent cultivation promotion of the lanbisheng series of training plans, and placed great hopes on encouraging the young generation of the company to plan for the future with passion, making full use of the talent cultivation platform carefully provided by the company, and constantly practicing and storing energy for the realization of dreams and strategic goals of the company.

              "Sheng training class" covers a series of professional and technical topics such as experimental verification and research and development, engineering design and implementation. The training materials are implemented with strong practicality, which can further improve the comprehensive ability of core technical personnel.

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